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div style="clear:both;">celeb muscle 2011 (jake gyllenhaal), has zac efron been trying to muscle in on the break up between taylor lautner and taylor swift?. (and now i am reading she is possible dating jake gyllenhaal, i think lautner should get her back quick!) and jake gyllenhaal does not have the muscle either?.

taylor lautner and taylor swift really did appear as the perfect couple when they were dating, same names, beautiful good looks and perfect bodies, so what went wrong there?, but now i see pictures of taylor swift with zac efron and wondered is zac efron MUSCLE his way in on taylor lautner's x while they are having a break?.

remember taylor lautner and taylor swift never really broke up as such they said they were having a break, or is that the way of saying break up?, or was it just a break for a while.

but either way it does look like zac efron with his new buff muscled body is having a go, at taylor lautner's x, with taylor lautner being known for his muscled physique, then maybe zac efron put extra time in at the gym to try and impress taylor swift, seeing as she will be used to the muscle bound physique of taylor lautner.

just made me wonder when i see these pictures, though maybe i have a over active imagination as well!!!. i just thought the two taylors looked like a very good match up, maybe that's why it did not work out.

zac efron and taylor swift




who has the biggest muscles out of these 2 celebrities, it probably is taylor lautner as twilights jacob black who is the most muscled and bodybuilder type physique, with zac efron have a less iron dedicated physique.





zac efron muscle pictures (lost his car in first picture!)


zac efron in good shape in this picture good toned physique


taylor swift is just very good looking


or is it just taylor swift and jake gyllenhaal (lautner should get back on the scene)


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