Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart posing for photo

“Robert will again be so, as before.” Representatives of the pair separation has not yet commented. Yes, and Robert and Kristen are on the verge of falling apart is not the first time. First, they fell apart in October 2009 and then last year, and on the red carpet at last appeared aloof and brooding. Maybe a fresh impetus to their brief but brilliant novel will make a new recording of “Twilight” – because the plot of Bella Swan is just time to try on the bride’s dress!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dressed in black

At the ceremony of Country Music Awards Robert Pattinson appeared in splendid isolation (though Stewart was also in the list of invitees), reinforcing speculation that the relations of lovers are not going smoothly. On the rift in the stellar pair started talking back in February.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the stage

“Action!”. They did not even bother to explain to each other, why were seeing less frequently. And the last time Rob suggested Kristen … use the cooling in relations to dot the “i” and decide whether they want to be together. ”
According to friends, Kristen is not very experienced. “The conversation was friendly and Kristen hopes that after the promotional tour of the film” Water for Elephants!

Robert Pattinson in black dress and Kristen Stewart with zebra dress

“Robert and Kristen are very busy schedule – telling friends the pair. – Time to talk at all to do, even calls to each other gradually taper off. ” “Today they are seen only on the set – continue to be frank friends. – Then break up before the new team director:

Robert Pattinson smiles with Kristen Stewart

For several months, the actors are busy on the set of the new part of the “Twilight” – “saga. Dawn “, which is currently in Vancouver. But Robert rarely appears on the set – the most famous vampire in the world is busy promotional tour of his new film “Water for Elephants”, which starred Reese Witherspoon.

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