Hey everyone,
Paris Hilton recently came out with a shoe collection and i immediently fell in love with it! I had the same reaction to the Jessica Simpson line that came out a few years back. I decided to share with you some of my favourites from her collection. i am unsure to which the extent that Paris actually designed these but they are gorgeous. I am sure all she had to do was approve them but i'm not in it for the brand, these shoes are just drop dead gorgeous!!

I hope that you guys really get inspired or feel something when you see these shoes because im not a shoe addict and these made me think so differently in regards to shoes!!

Here are just a few pictures of her shoe launch!

So i was just wondeirng if you guys could comment me informing me of any shoe brand or lines that have come out that made your jaw drop.
And for those of you that are from Australia, tell me any brands that are avaliable in stores that have gorgeous designs but won't break the bank.



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